Safeguarding Policy

This policy is reviewed and updated regularly, and is in line with the NSCB folder ‘Safeguarding in early years and childcare’ – Guidance for early years and childcare settings in Norfolk. 2012

All adults that work with children have a duty of care in that they are accountable for the way they exercise their authority, manage risk, use resources, and otherwise act to safeguard children. In carrying out their work the child’s welfare must be paramount.

We take necessary steps to safeguard children, to keep them safe and protect them from sexual, physical and emotional harm and neglect. Treat children with dignity and respect at all times, take reasonable steps to ensure children’s safety and well-being, and ensure that confidential information about children is only shared when it is in the children’s interests to do so. We at Playdays do this by developing respectful and caring relationships between adults and children, and consistently behaving as a professional adult in ways that demonstrate integrity, maturity and good judgement. We keep all staff informed of changes in current guidelines to ensure we all work together in safeguarding the children at Playdays.

The SLP Angie Ward or Deputy Heather Kirby takes responsibility for Safeguarding the children within the setting, and have Child protection/ Safeguarding training, and will liaise with local statutory children’s services agencies as appropriate.

Roles and responsibilities to Safeguarding children

Staff will be able to respond appropriately to:

  1. Significant changes in a child’s behaviour
  2. Deterioration in their general well-being
  3. Unexplained bruising, marks, or other signs of possible abuse.
  4. Neglect
  5. Any comments that a child may make, which gives cause for concern.

[See our Child Protection Policy for our procedures if staff are concerned about a child.]

Safety issues regarding the safeguarding of the children will be followed carefully, and details of this can be found in the Health and Safety Policy. We also have separate policies in place relating to Safeguarding from Technology, Social network sites policy and Confidentiality policy including Data protection.

All staff and regular volunteers are suitably vetted and have CRB checks, are aware of all policies and procedures to do with Safeguarding, and kept aware when they are all reviewed annually anytime changes happen. They are also aware of all procedures for managing allegations and concerns raised about adults are in place, understood and followed in line with LADO. They understand, follow and adhere to the code of conduct.

Induction of all staff, students, volunteers and regular visitors takes place, and they all have opportunities to discuss safeguarding issues. All staff are required and enabled to attend safeguarding training that is appropriate to their role, and these are reviewed at supervision and appraisal.

No child will be allowed to leave at home time, with any adult not known to the staff at Playdays, or authorised to do so on the enrolment form. Also if a known person comes to collect a child, and we feel they are in an unfit state, we will explain to them why we cannot let the child go with them in a confidential and discreet way. We will then contact the next authorised person on the enrolment form, to come and pick the child up.

All staff are made aware of all policies that are relevant to the Safeguarding of all our children, and further information can be found in the new revised NSCB Safeguarding folder.

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