Behaviour Policy

We whole-heartedly believe that praise for good behaviour encourages the children to behave well in the future. Our aim is therefore to catch them being ‘good’, and praise them.

If the children behave in an unacceptable way [by unacceptable we mean spitting, swearing, biting or any other anti-social behaviour] we explain calmly to them why this behaviour is unacceptable. We encourage them to say sorry if someone has been hurt.

We encourage children to understand that their behaviour has consequences, and that they have responsibility for it. For example, if the behaviour has resulted in toys being thrown on the floor, the child is encouraged to pick them up, and we explain to them why it is important to keep a tidy floor.

We will not threaten, shout at, or humiliate any child, or use corporal punishment at any time.

Any sanctions applied, will take into account the child’s age and stage of development, and also the specific needs of the child.

If a child’s behaviour continues to be challenging, this will be discussed with the parents, and we will work together on a course of action.

When talking to the children about their behaviour, we will always kneel down, and speak to them at eye level.

If necessary, advice will be sought from our Early Year’s Advisor to assess the practice in our group, and offer advice both generally and for specific behaviour problems.

Angie Ward is responsible for Behaviour Management issues at Playdays, if she is away Sophie Ward will be responsible.

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